By using  Twitterel on top of Twitter you can make your (virtual) life a lot more interesting, we thought of a way to connect to other twitter users (from all over the world) who share the same interests as you do.. how?

Start searching for other Twitter users with similar interests to yours, give us some key words based on your own interests, we will do the rest for you!

We can update you along our progress for Twitter users who you might be interested in to connect to.

How TwitteRel Works

  • Insert a keyword (or more)
  • Find twitter users who tweeted this word
  • Follow these twitters
  • Make twitter more interesting for YOU

How Twitter Search Works?

There are times when you may come across a tweet that you would like to check out yourself. It could be a screenshot of a tweet you saw on someone else’s Whatsapp status. Or you might have seen it on another social media platform like Instagram, Tik Tok etc.

Lately, many people may post fake tweets to mislead other people. The screenshot may have been edited or the tweet may not have come from the person whose name you saw in the tweet.

To check the validity of this tweet, most people go to Twitter, look up the person’s name, and start looking at their tweets one by one. This can be done using Advanced Twitter Search. How it works:

  1. Almost all search options on Twitter are presented on the advanced search page. All of them are tied to the use of a prefix for the search query: from these users, from the specified date.
  2. There are filters not listed here, which are specified in the API documentation. They look like this: filter:safe, filter:media, filter:images, filter:links. It is likely that there are still some undocumented features.
  3. The search is applied to unshortened links, so you can find links to a site by simply entering its URL in a search without the http:// protocol, since it does not appear in tweets.
  4. Side effect: You can find quotes from a particular user’s tweets by typing in the search bar, since all tweet addresses start like this. Also, the results will include pictures and videos posted by this user. This can be fixed by adding the -from:username filter.
  5. If you search to:username, you will only find tweets that start with @username, other mentions will not be included in the search results. If you search for @username, the results will include both mentions and tweets from that user. To find mentions only, type @username -from:username in the search bar. Can be combined with the quotation finder trick.
  6. It is believed that the from: filter only applies to the nickname that the user had at the time of writing the tweet, but experience proves otherwise. Perhaps the results change depending on whether someone took the old nickname.
  7. Some clients, such as TweetDeck, support a live feed of search results next to the feed and notifications. Perhaps this is necessary for those who care what people say about them, even if they are not personally mentioned in tweets.
  8. If you search for tweets by your name or the name of your project without mentioning you, be careful: you can stumble upon completely unflattering reviews. It is better not to enter into discussions with those who initially do not like your work. You will not be able to convince them, but you can spoil the impression of yourself.

Can Twitterel help in Twitter Account Growth?

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Start Using Twitterel Right Now!

Twitterel makes searching process much easier for you. The days, when you needed manually scrape for users with similar interests to yours one by one are gone. This free tool may help you speed up your account growth really well.